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Canvas Art Prints, Photography, Fantasy, Fine ArtI help designers and renovators find the perfect artwork for them and their space, through my art collection or by collaborating on bespoke pieces of their own design.

If you’re looking for more than a simple abstract art piece, then you’re in good company, because I’m all about creating images with imagination and soul to inspire you for a lifetime.

I’m Tiffany-Jo Gilleland (TJG), but everyone calls me Tiff and nobody can pronounce my last name (Gill-leh-lund) let alone spell it.

Before I discovered photography, I was an IT Project Manager where the most creative thing I got to do in a day was a Project Status Update. Is it 85% complete or 90%? Totally subjective, right? You got it!

In the midst of searching for something more and dealing with the death of my father, my husband bought me a camera and little did I know it would change my life. You see, we’d just returned from a holiday where I’d acted as ‘Back-seat Driver’ every time he picked up the camera. ‘Hey, what about that shot’ I kept saying.

canvas art prints, fantasy, wallInstead of strangling me, he blew a stack of money on a camera and hoped that it wouldn’t gather dust like the acoustic guitar still sitting in the corner as I write this.

Something about having that camera in hand, it made me see the world differently. Before this I’d been battling through a cloud of darkness due to recent loss and it left me feeling adrift in this world. But, through the lens of a camera, I found that shining light. It forced me to see the beauty in the little things and helped me move out of my depression although I still struggle with it. After a month, I knew I’d be taking images for the rest of my life.

Like a woman obsessed, I set about learning everything I possibly could about photography. A year later, I became one of the first 100 students accepted into the renowned photography community called The Arcanum, where I was specifically chosen by my current Mentor, Ron Clifford, a photographer and painter with 20+ years of experience in the industry.

It was with his guidance that I grew my skills, discovered that photography can indeed be art and that I can create images from nothing, rather than finding them in the world. And that magic moment was when I realised I wanted to do this for a living.

I’ve taken courses run by masters in the industry like Brooke Shaden, Miss Aniela, Scott Wyden Kivowitz, Aaron Nace, Mason Marsh, Ollie Dale, Joel Grimes, Sue Bryce, Varina Patel and so many more. Right now, I’m studying a Diploma of Art History run by some of Australia’s leading history professors.

I can’t draw (although I’m working on it), I can’t paint but with photographs and digital artistic techniques, I can create images and express myself. I aim to imbue a feeling of emotion and story in all of my work.

canvas art print, fantasy, fine art, wallI love collaborating on Bespoke Art with Designers and non-designers alike. The ability to bring someone else’s imagination to life and seeing their reactions while they are guided through the design process, it makes my work worthwhile. Receiving feedback once they’ve viewed the end result, is the icing on the cake for me. I am odd in that exploring the imagination of others’ helps expand my own. It’s an amazing experience on both sides and it’s one of my favourite parts of what I do.

This brings me back to the present day, where I help Renovators and Designers find the Perfect Image for them and their Space. Something more than the simple flicks of paint in an abstract square.

canvas art print, fine art, bali, travelSomething with Imagination….

And Soul.

To Inspire for a Lifetime.

If you want to find (or design) an artwork with meaning that can inspire you every time you look at it and which complements your design, join my VIP List where I share hints, tips and inspiration for your search (or creation).

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